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This pretty much sums it up...

Hi, I'm Mylo Shift from Richmond, Virginia. And I strive to write those special kinds of songs guaranteed to give your soul a boner. Yes, a soul boner, it's a thing, cuz I just made it up. It's a sort of nerdy, eccentric, soulful twist to alternative rock that aims to kick you right in the mindballs. Music that puts the F-U in fun. In one word, 'Funcore'. 


I'm a one-man band that releases a video for every song with a theatrical party-rock live show described as "a spectacle that must be experienced" by RVA Playlist. But I'd personally describe it as a joygasmic shitshow of epic proportions.


My most notable accomplishments include winning the theme song contest for Radio Rubber Room, being included on the Party Hard Mixtape by Sounds of RVA & RVA Magazine, being featured in the closing credits of Stalking Levar, hosting the Rock & Roll Church Service at Pink Moon Festival, helping organize Frack Off Fest, and headlining the River City Limits' Live Holiday Party on WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Independent Radio. But blah blah blah, yackity smackity, find out for yourself.

*Note: Mylo Shift was FKA 6 Track Amateur pre-2016*


More to come soon.